Saturday, April 18, 2009

Share, share, thats fair

This site has a pretty impressive, or horribly disgusting, selection of extremely unhealthy food ideas. Some of these I will have to make at some point in my life, and others I don't know if I could handle... But enjoy :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Keep me at Earth

"Its called the sun, not Victoria, the world does not revolve around you"

This is why I respect Kevin, and also want to kick the shit out of him at the same time.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ray hates me

For some reason I have a hard time comprehending the fact that he has been cutting with his diet and can't eat like my fatass does. But anyways, these are my early temptation for Fridays 'Death to Jesus Day' sweets. Out of the box, nothing worth bragging about, I just love little bite size things so I wanted to snap a quick picture... And the garnish is sliced crystallized ginger.

My sweet tooth knows no boundaries!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Trailer Park of Terror

I had my definite doubts about this movie. I don’t like to spoil plot points for myself, so I did not read up on it and only provided the little knowledge that is given in the title… It involves a trailer park and there will be some terror involved. Oh yeah, big hint if you may not know me all that well. If you are the kind of person that gives away movies or tells to much of the plot I may become physical. Not sexy physical, like the back of my hand hitting your cheek physical. Anyways… Obviously, any horror movie having to do with ‘redneck’ or ‘trailer park’ is going to have some cheese to it, and personally that is a really thin line of approval for me. So I was not expecting much from this particular film… but I was pleasantly surprised. Actually, I am going to buy this movie, and that is saying something.

Norma is a pretty girl living out her early life in a run down trailer park. All she wants is stability and love, and she has finally found this with her new boyfriend Aaron. After preparing for the local school dance (can I point out she appears to be atleast in her mid 20’s?) there is a scuffle with her waiting boyfriend and the main men of the trailer park. After a few minutes this ends in tragedy, and Aaron is pushed and impaled on the broken iron fence. In tears, Norma runs from the park and walks down the highway to get away, but she is soon approached by a sinister looking gentleman in black who has given her a gun and made ‘a deal’(aka pact with the devil) to get back at those involved in her troubles for a price…

I looked over some reviews and once again an alarming number of people disagree with me and think this movie was a wasted rental. Well fuck. Granted the plot of ‘haunting’ has been done to death, but this actually took a creative and funny turn with it. I genuinely laughed at a few parts, especially Roach(though he had a GREAT jaw bone, so I may be bias because he was alright looking for white trash haha). Also the acting was impressive for the budget, and the cinematography was really good. The angles of some of the shots were amazing and guided you through the story perfectly. And the gore? It was not CGI pumped(done in a careful moderation) and was primarily hand crafted... People just don’t respect that anymore and really should. I would hands down recommend this, and I am sure once I snag a copy I will be handing it out to a few of you locals to watch, especially you Shanda. Also, it appears to be uploaded on Youtube by the user AlterIllusion… and yes, it does appear to be unrated and is available in HQ.