Friday, March 27, 2009


Notice a delay in my entries? Well I have been a bit pre-occupied in general, but specifically I have been out of state for the last couple of weeks. I took a needed vacation to visit family and also have a nice introduction to my new beautiful niece. All was well and very entertaining. Primarily spent time with my two older brothers, and then a little time out in the country side to see my grandparents and also mother. My oldest brother is a shopper, so we went by a few record shops and played Rock Band like crazy haha. I think my biggest score is the soundtrack for Trick or Treat on vinyl though, as well as Clockwork Orange. But on the polar side, while in the country my allergies hit me with full force and I was stuck indoors for the most part, but got to meet the Dahmer look alike neighbor Carl who likes to spend his evenings cutting through the night sky with his chainsaw in a psychotic frenzy, especially when he wants to piss off his neighbors. No joke, I even witnessed the action and fell asleep to the comforting buzz on my last night. Also found out my great grandfather there has a complete slaughter shed for butchering local game. Next time I am there I will definitely be doing a photo shoot in memory of Gein. Also, my mother took me out to the gut dump site, which stunk to hell but made some great pictures thanks to the rotting pigs and arrangements of bones… Wonder what the luggage department at the airline thought when they inspected my bags and found spinals cords haha.

But I managed to get sick thanks to all the kids and their friendly little germs, and at this time also a fucking cripple thanks to my ditzy ass tripping over my luggage.. So I am signing off!

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Caunedhiel said...

I missed this one. Wow, sounds like they have some crazy neighbors! Haha it would probably be damn amusing watching a weirdo weild a chainsaw into the night. That is badass you picked up some bones. I want to make some things out of ours in the long run.