Thursday, February 19, 2009

Collection Complete

Pet lover Anita has setup a surprise party for her newly retired husband Jonas, but as soon as he steps through the door the reality of retirement hits him and he looses interest in celebrating. Jonas does not feel like he is ready to live out the rest of his brief life around the house with little to keep him occupied, especially since he is not used to being around his odd ball wife and her many adopted pets. After a few days roll by, things only get worse and he starts to loose his grip on sanity.. but he is not the only one having a hard time with the changes.

There is really no gore in this film, but that is acceptable considering the morbid story makes up for the loss. Though I will note there is a brief ending filled with amusing special effects. Entertaining and definitely worth some time.

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beedubelhue said...

Added to my wanna viddy list.Where you at,frau Balbies?