Monday, December 22, 2008

Double Vision

So I finished watching the movie The Marsh. I tend to have first preference for haunt films, so when I saw this on the ‘Watch Instant’ section on Netflix I excitedly had to give it a view. This movie had a flow, but far from original, and half way through my head was noticeably bobbing as I tried to stay awake. Thankfully watching this movie did not rape any extra money from me, or effect my Netflix que...

Follow the lead character Claire take a needed break from life (writing children’s books) as she is affected by reoccurring night terrors. When deciding to make some time for herself she was watching a television special on a vacation house, when she realized it is the same home that she saw in her dreams... so of course she decided to go there. She arrives and begins to remember faces of the town’s people from her nightmare, and strange occurrences in the house which later are confirmed to be a haunting. So through this film you watch her walk through her memory and tie her reoccurring issues to the town.

This film was overplayed for me, and it tried really hard to do the ‘fright’ clips even from the very beginning, so it got old fast. And by fright I mean the cheesy loud sounds or an unexpected person popping up to surprise you, and after years of horror movies these seldom work on an individual like myself (except there was one scene that got me). So, would I recommend this? Nope, not unless you have never seen a haunt movie before… Then this may be effective and enjoyable. But being a fan of the area, a film needs to be more original (or maybe entertaining?) to make an impression on me.

But never fear! To give you a pickup from The Marsh disappointment, I will give you a good recommendation. There is a movie I saw a few months back and since then have been craving to watch it again, and happily plan to add it to my collection. This movie is Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon.

This movie really struck a note with me because one thing I like to think about is the normality and basic life that even serial killers live out. Just imagine how it would be to sit around and have dinner with a killer, actually befriending and getting close to someone like Ted Bundy. That is my perfect vision, and in this film you watch a documentary crew follow the killer Leslie. Along the way you will learn a few of his tricks, watch him stalk his prey, and get a feel for the humor and real person behind the mask. I want to note that the actor for Leslie did such an impressive job I ended up getting a small movie crush on the guy. Impressive.

This movie kept me involved through the entire play and was very funny, and by the end the ‘horror’ aspect came to play (the beginning would be considered more of a comedy for darker individuals). Also, there is a limited appearance by Robert Englund... which was a nice surprise. And let me proudly note, this was primarily filmed in Oregon!

This movie had some fun death, but I wasn’t focusing on filling a blood lust (big surprise for anybody that knows me) so I was not let down by quality, but delighted that a movie was made in a vision that I have always liked to fantasize. Recommended? You bet your ass!


beedubelhue said...

Haven't checked out either one of these,but I will do now.Merry Christmas!

Soiled Sinema said...

Behind the Mask was very, very entertaining.

winter said...

Man this Leslie Vernon movie sounds fucking satanic! When people think of serial killers they tend to forget everything else.. but I've found myself obsessed with looking on the internet for photographs of killers' homes, because I'm incredibly curious to see what kind of dishes they use, what their decor looks like, what they do in their spare time besides slaughter :)
I wish I knew a serial killer in real life.. that would be so romantic :)

Balberith said...

B.W: I obviously can't say much for The Marsh but I think you would get a kick out of Behind the Mask.

SS: Thanks for leaving the comment! Happy it wasn't just me that enjoyed the movie :)

Winter: Told you we should have watched it while I was at your place! Get your ass in gear and put that baby on!