Saturday, December 20, 2008

I Drink Your Blood

Warm out of my player is a grindhouse special of I Drink Your Blood. This film opens to a group of hippies surrounding a camp fire and performing a sacrifice for the father, Satan. Just off in a distance is a local town girl watching in fear, who is soon noticed by the group and beaten (possibly raped) for witnessing the act. When morning breaks it is time for the Satanic band to move on, but they are experiencing car trouble and have to look for shelter in the nearby town instead. This particular town, to their advantage, is becoming a ghost town due to recent construction work so most that remains is a small family (including the beaten girl from the night before) and their bakery, while the rest of the area consist of boarded homes.

The odd group are quickly noticed by the family and the grandfather is ready to set them straight for having way with his granddaughter. The intimidation doesn’t get the elder man far, as he lays defeated at the gangs feet and LCD is dropped in his mouth to keep him calm. At this point the nosy little grandson is looking for ol’ gramps and manages to get him home so that he can attempt revenge of his own(Tough kid to try and go up against 8 psychos). On his way to hopefully shoot the band members, the kid runs into a rabid dog which is put from its misery and its blood is used to contaminate the group instead. This is where things get even weirder and by the following morning those in the town become infected and the movies ends with a zombie feel. A lesson learned is not to have sex because women will spread rabies, and never buy meat pies for $.25!

To get this out of the way I want to point out that this movie twisted my panties in a bad way with its unnecessary use of dead animals, and this is coming from a woman that was raised with a gun in one hand and fresh meat in another. In the situation of food, I feel that it is understandable to provide for yourself or family… But I am against unnecessary killing under normal circumstances. To start the film by cutting a chicken’s throat and watching its head bob around as it dies is not my cup of tea. Not to mention killing rats, dragging a dead goat, beating a rabbit, and a young boy ‘killing’ a German shepherd. It doesn’t show the dog dying, and hopefully I would like to think that the dog was not actually killed, but the last view is a close up of the dog lying lifeless with blood on its neck. So to keep myself from getting upset, I am just going to tell myself that it was a dog actor regardless of the grade of film and being made in a time when animal death was a cheap alternative for easy squirms in movies. I am NOT for PETA or anything of the sort so don’t get that impression from my remark, I just have a solid view on mortality.

This movie had some entertaining gore, and I was actually impressed with the realism of the severed body parts. Though this movie had an original plot it is not something I would feel is necessary in my collection... and with that I think one could live without viewing. BUT if you want a movie in the background while you sit around and throw a few back with friends, this would work great because it did have some good humor and the ending quote was so cheesy I could barely keep it together… It made me feel like I finished watching a old informative film about the dangers of rabies.


beedubelhue said...

Mmmmmm,Lynn Lowry.Though I never DID figure out how a friggin' HOSE was an implement of horror or could be used as such,like the trailer promised.A mean squirt is still just that,a squirt.I'm here to report,Satan STILL IS an acidhead.At least that's what he told me.

Balberith said...

Seriously? A lot of people like her but I was not that impressed. She has a unique appearance, but for some reason I wasn't interested. HAHA, I have not seen the trailer but my guess is because the ones infected with rabies were terrified by water. Satan talks to you to?

beedubelhue said...

I've had emergency breakthroughs during phone calls from the dark lord and master over the years.There's the sound of clocks ticking,babies crying,flames flickering,maniacal impish laughter,and though he doesn't speak in an audible voice,his message is implanted in my subconscious mind...Keep up the good work!Eternally the jokester,ol' Scratch.

Caunedhiel said...

Sorry for the PETA stickers on your packages, haha! They send me things all the time. Obviously, I too am against any killing of animals for any movie. Unfortunately, radical groups like PETA weren't around to keep an eye on movies back in the '70s. I was a vegetarian for about 6 months, but some meat has slowly made way into my diet. Have you seen Doom Generation? The most disturbing scene is when the guy slit's the dogs throat since it was dying. :( As far as PETA goes, I'm all for anti-cruelty products. However, whichever way someone lives their life is their own buisness.

Balberith said...

Haha, no worries. Everyone has their own opinions so when I see the stickers I just shrug them off since its you. I really have a preference for older films, and it is hard because it seems like all of them resort to killing animals for some realism.

Yeah I saw Doom Generation, that was the movie that made me fall for Rose McGowan.. but now it looks like she played with surgery, and she moved away from her trademark black hair and ruby lips so I get a bit turned away.

Talking about disgusting films, I know you have Netflix so you probably do daily browsing. I was looking at the film 'Seed' which is a newer release under the watch instantly section, but the beginning of the movie they packed in animal rights clips and when it popped on a skinned dog dying it just really got under my skin and I said fuck the movie(on our Xbox they disabled fast forward and I wasn't going to watch that shit). That is one of the biggest things that I hate about PETA is that they are always pumping out disgusting videos to get shock and sympathy from people.

Caunedhiel said...

I had Skinny Puppy doing that to me before PETA. I always admired SP, since they has a message. They moved away from doing that (their views matured over the years). But, there is no reason to ram it down people's throats- just like religion. There intentions are good, but they are extreme. I still feel animal testing is awful. But, I still find myself buying "regular" tested products, so if PETA finds me, they will probably skin me.

I probably couldn't watch that movie, either. It depends on my mood. Some days I can handle it, others I can't.

Haha yes! I knew she looked different! She was so much cuter during that time. The whole shape of her face looks different & she looks less curvy. She was always a twig, but the top half of her looks different, too.

Balberith said...

Yeah, there are situations when I can understand animal testing and I eat my meats.. so I have some solid views on things, but I think there can obviously be updates on killing an animal(though it seems like there already are great upgrades, though some countries are still a bit back dated)... skinning something and leaving it to die under those conditions is obviously very cold regardless of what side you are on.

And yeah, the lead lady of PETA would skin you even if you had a pet because she feels that is animal cruelty. I just don't agree with those peeps.

And jesus yes, Rose fucked herself up. I can deal with hair lighting, but her nose looks smaller and her cheeks and chin look stronger. I just don't like her anymore