Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I have been sick for the past few days, so I have not felt up to movie patrol or updating blogs. Thankfully though, it seems like the worse is over. I haven't been able to get a full nights rest thanks to blowing my nose every 10mins, and coughing up phlegm.. just swell. Also the fun body aches and chills, as well as a funky head. But this morning I am only stuffy so I have a dirty house that has been waiting for my health.

To help motivate myself I have a song dedication, which was recently sparked by a small discussion between Kimberly. When I worked retail it was oldies all day, and every time I heard the dance beat to this song I would go into fantasy and see my Italian Stallion in disco glory set back in the movie Maniac ... So enjoy ;)


Caunedhiel said...

This is one of the less horrible songs. Some of the music they play, I think, "good god where did they even find this?!" Do you know "Pulling muscles from a shell"? The WORST song ever & I have to hear it all the time.

Balberith said...

The title isn't hitting me, but if I listen to the song I may know it. Yeah I heard this specific song atleast 3 times a day when I was working at Big Lots. It was kind of nice though because that location was outside of Phoenix, and almost everyone shopping there was Mexican so I just ignored them since I couldn't understand a lick from their mouth(unless they got pissed because I couldn't understand them, maybe they thought they were back in Meheeco?)... So I was mostly just thinking and blindly smiling at customers, and this song made me think naughty haha.

I even had to get this record because I like it so much haha... Damn Tom Savini corrupting my mind

Caunedhiel said...

Gah! Don't make me get started on them. I won't even type it because my thoughts are too mean. I simply HATE people that talk in other languages in front of others. You can tell when they're talking about you.

I'm like that with Stephen King films. I'll hear a song in one of his movies & I never again think of it the same.