Monday, January 12, 2009

Aroma Leigh Day!

I have a few job applications to drop off, so I wanted to look a pinch above normal, but not overdone, so I decided to whip out an eye shadow duo that looks divine. As usual, it was impossible to capture the dimension of the shadow so the pictures are a bit dull in comparison to how it actually looks.

With my eyes I put Marigold over the entire lid to my brow, and then Holy Grail heavily applied to my crease and then softly blended up towards my brow as well as down to my lashline. If applied with a heavy hand, the Holy Grail has a deep olive background with a golden glitter as you can see with the crease... It took me a while to get a good application down with this shadow, but I love how it looks like I am wearing more then I actually am! My eyebrows I used the left over liner from each side, and then blend it with a clear mascara so it appears more natural and blends with the hair. My eyebrows are a nightmare though because I have a calic on my inner left brow(also have a nice calic at my widows peak so my hair is impossible to style when up). My lips I did a basic outline in Mauve and then did a sheer coat in Zest. About my picture.. Yeah I know... I am not making any faces, heavily made up, or covered in blood and gore.. this is probably the plainest I have ever photographed and I am not sure if I like it haha

Bare Minerals Foundation in Light
NYX Lip Liner in Mauve
Aroma Leigh Lip Gloss in Zest
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Aroma Leigh Frost in Marigold
Aroma Leigh Hue in Holy Grail
MAC Fluidline in Black Track (also used on eyebrows)
Cover Girl Super Thick Lash in Black
Cover Girl Clear Mascara

No Flash:

With Flash:

Full Makeup Shot: (When I was growing up I was nick named 'ojos grandes' by the father of my Spanish friends.. still a very fitting name haha)


Caunedhiel said...

I think you look beautiful, hun! But, I know how you feel. I feel bland with how I wear my makeup at work.

I really like the Aroma Leigh colors. I have some samples from them & they are pretty impressive. I really like how your eyebrows turned out. Do you use stencils on them? Mine are recovering from years of not having them. It's a bitch getting them to grow in.

Balberith said...

Thanks... Yeah my everyday life is pretty relaxed when it comes to makeup. Hell, I have even visit Winter in my pajamas without a speck of makeup haha.

Winter recently said that the quality in their makeup is decreasing. I guess she got a few colors and there is almost no pigment, and the little color and glitter 'fluffs' off when she is applying it... She can't even get a good wet application. My experiences are good with AL but I haven't placed an order in a while now and mine are all a good year old. I have a few of their eyeshadows and Holy Grail is without doubt a favorite and has a pretty nice application.

Overall though, I think I am in love with Archetype. Takes them FOREVER to mail orders or even get back with customers, but the wait appears to be worth it considering how affordable their quality of makeup is.

Balberith said...

Oh, and I just freehand fill my eyebrows. Like I said, I have to fight a calic as well as one having a sharper arch. In middle school and at some points in high school I had pencil thin eyebrows, which did not work on me, but I understand the frustration with growing in your natural eyebrows after years of abuse. I thankfully was able to get a fairly thick start, but the ends of my brows refuse to grow in... so without makeup my eyebrows are a dull brunette and unless close you can't even tell that I have any tips to my eyebrows haha.

Caunedhiel said...

Psh, I go shopping a lot in my old scrubs & no makeup. haha!

I bought some of their Nocturnal mineral treatment & I didn't like it. It gets all over my clothes & sheets. Maybe I should try it again, but it feels like I have makeup on when I go to bed. I used to use their mineral foundations in Alabaster. Chris keeps insisting that mineral makeup is not good. He tells me the mica in it causes breakouts. I'll have to look into Archetype... providing it arrives. ugh!

Caunedhiel said...

Yeah, it is a bitch growing them back! I don't really have any. I do, and it's quite a bit for me. Mine are a brown-ish color, so I have to use a stencil & a brow powder.

winter said...

Some of the Aromaleigh shadows are great.. like I said, Torment is one of my two all time favorite eye colors ever.. (the other being Archetype's Unwrap Me) but it just seems like some of the colors that are recently formulated aren't as high quality. The Bete Noire shadows for example. There are I think 15 of them, and several are identical in person even though they look a bit different in the online swatches. There are at least three almost identical golds, and at least three similar burgundy-ish browns. The glitter goes everywhere. The Holiday LE shadows are pretty bad in my opinion.. they are not very pigmented and it's like they just puff everywhere when you try to apply them regardless what kind of application you are using. There is a cloud of glitter in the air which ends up on your cheeks, nose, forehead, even in your hair; and after all that there's hardly any pigment on. If you try it wet it gets super metallic like some raver chick. I was also unhappy with my recent order because I got Army which is described as a khaki green with medium shimmer and it's just flat out gold. It's golder than Amarante from the Bete Noire line.

I would still give Aromaleigh a try if new colors come out that I like, but I will definitely sample anything before I buy it. I do think we should give them a break because I guess the owner's dad just died recently so it would be understandable if her heart wasn't in work at the moment.

Squilibrato said...

Good dark blog! :)

Balberith said...

I get little break outs if I use it continously. I believe Aroma Leigh doesn't use mica, but they're foundation would not blend and I had a horrible time using it. It works for some people, but I couldn't get the hang of it. I hear really good things about Fyrinnae's foundation, but they nolonger sample so you have to buy a full size and hope that it matches your skin type.

Balberith said...

Thanks Squilibrato!

Caunedhiel said...

They do use mica- I just checked my old container I have lying around. I've been wanting to try rice powder. They sell it at Sally Beauty. I use Physcians Formula Organics loose powder. I am thinking that one has better ingredients than the rice powder.

beedubelhue said...

Ummm,great pic of you at the end of the post?Hahaha,I'm only good at drawing on my drunken retarded friends when they pass out with their boots on.

Balberith said...

What is wrong with my mug shot?! I hate plain straight on shots so don't make me feel worse then I already do. Men don't need to worry about makeup anyways, so that seems only appropriate haha

beedubelhue said...

Absolutely nothing,I was COMPLIMENTING it,ya big dummy!