Friday, January 9, 2009

My Favorite

Today is an impressive day! I just got in the mail Fatal Addiction: Ted Bundy’s Final Interview on VHS. This is very limited copy and I got one for an absolute steal, so needless to say I am really excited. Downside? The tape has some wear and has a high pitch squeal for the first 5 minutes, and even sounds horrible when rewinding. Anybody know if there is a way to realign and fix this? Is anybody familiar with copying VHS format to DVD through a computer or anything? I would like to have a solid personal copy for myself and not fear that this is a single view.

For starters, I have always had a preference for Ted Bundy when it comes to serial killers... Without doubt he has to be a favorite. Somewhere between his good looks and morbid lifestyle he had me… but then again I am a sick lady. I really wish he was still alive because I would likely write to him and get to know him better. That is the hardest part for anybody with a fascination for killers is that they are often dead.

This VHS is dedicated to “The Fight Against Violent Pornography”... how funny is that?! The tape starts with the interviewer talking with another man in regards to the talk he had with Bundy, and the after effect considering the interview took place the day before his execution. Finally they clip to the interview... Ted is reviewing how things led up to his murders. He reviewed that he came from a fairly stable Christian family, but like other young boys he would play on the streets at a young age and would find interesting items in garbages or various areas and some of these items made an imprint on him. Ted found an assortment of pornographic magazines, violent photos from detective magazines, and hardcore pornography. All these things bound together sparked his attention and he found excitement from them… so over time he began searching for more hardcore pornography as he felt that porno was his addiction, as he was constantly trying to find better and harder material. Finally, he admits that he came to a point where he realized that the next step in his sexual progression is to find women to perform these acts on, and he ended up spiraling into his desires which led to murder.

He also briefly discusses how graphic television has become, especially horror movies, which I find to be amusing because in reality I bet he was jacking off in his cell over it. Actually seeing Ted’s reaction to questions, his thoughtful answer and passion from his statements was mind blowing. When discussing particular matters like his first murder he would close his eyes and pause for a moment. The interviewer later stated that he felt like Ted was being sympathetic of his actions, but I think he was just reliving them considering he often had a quick smirk or lack of guilt in his eyes. Bottom line is, he enjoyed what he did, otherwise he wouldn’t have done it.

I absolutely hate the Christian ending to the interview, which reminds me how much people piss me off. We are growths and just playing a forgettable part in the world, so trying to comfort someone in a weak position with a lie like religion infuriates me. Ted said time and time again, he was raised ‘Christian’ and to know what is morally considered right and wrong. There is a breed like him sprouting up all over the world, it was not just one thing that made him who he is. People don’t like to see the fact that Ted is just Ted. Every one of us is different and unique, but we all have a drive inside of us that fuels who we are. Christianity is not going to save anybody from their own nature.

Though this video was shorter then I would have liked(which isn't hard, I could watch these non stop), this was without doubt worth it and I am SO happy to have it in my collection. On that same note, I am curious what killer or violent individual other people are fascinated with and why… in the mean time I will be cuddling with this movie in bed ;)


Lycanchylde said...

I am, for lack of a better term, quiet a fan of serial killers myself. For me, it's the truly bizarre and macabre ones that fascinate me the most. Individuals like Ed Gein with his necrophiliac behavior and the creative ways he learned to use his victim's body parts. I also enjoyed the story of Albert Fish. This was a man who even after getting caught and confessing to murdering children was fearless and was never sorry that he cooked and eat them. I look forward to reading more of your blog. Thanks for the great post.

Caunedhiel said...

I always get the serial killers confused. I love learning about them & what makes them tick. Although, it scares the hell out of me because all of it was/is real. This sounds like a great find! I'll have to look it up on YouTube. Haha, I was the same way when I found the Addams Family Reunion special on VHS. Just curious (not to fuel any fires), do you believe in any afterlife? You don't have to reply here... I love to hear people's theories, views, and the like.

Balberith said...

Lycanchylde: Thanks for giving my blog a look! Both of the men you stated are amazing and if I find some good videos I will most definitely review them on here as well.

Caunedhiel: It can be easy to do because of similarities.. not to mention there are so many Serial Killers. Yeah the reality of things they do definitely makes people clutch those close to them, but in some cases I could understand and trust some of the killers. Killing is nature, although it is no fun if you are the person on the other side of the blade. Like Ted(and many killers) was a normal man with a girlfriend and job, he just had a dark desire that he fulfilled on occasion until he got consumed. But then someone like Charles Ng appeared unstable from the get go, just depends on the killer when it comes to the level of fear I feel.

Death, death, the little whore! I come from a Catholic family so beliefs were already pre-issued and I was raised to expect there to be a God. With age I started to realize mortality and question the idea of God and an afterlife, and that has led me to where I am today.

There is an energy inside of us that is remarkable. The fact that we can feel love for someone, hate, and all the different emotions... Not to mention the essence of each of us. How everyone is different and has a unique way of thinking. So for a long while I felt like there needed to be an after life because of how different people are, and the energy within us regardless of our shell from being a cat or a person. But the universe is larger then we can even comprehend, we are only a drifting speck, so to think that we have some divine reasoning or waiting afterlife I can't agree with. Most of us live a routine life and then unfortunately die at the average age of 60, and I think once that has happened our energy just drifts and is absorbed. If anything I could believe in reincarnation in comparison to anything else, but I still stick to my views that we are a temporary walking god living our path and making our own value. Prebirth is also an interesting thought because there is no recollection of being in a 'heaven' or anything of the sort, we were just a growth that was deposited out of another person.

There is my scramble haha

Caunedhiel said...

I meant to reply to this earlier! I just had a conversation that night about ghosts & energies with some friends. I've read a lot of the science of death & it's proven that the body loses weight after death. The researcher figured out the weight loss from fluids & excrement... but found more loss than just fluids. Some reasearchers think it's the soul leaving that counts for the additional loss. Either way, I feel Stephen King's bartender charatcer had it right in The Shining. We definately go somewhere, I just don't think it's the clouds. I wish I knew where & sometimes a heaven is comforting. Especially with EVP's & the like, energies definately linger. If you're into hauntingss, I'll send you a photo of my favorite haunted house they tore down.

Caunedhiel said...

PS- I liked your reply! :)

winter said...

probably one of my all time favorites is richard ramirez. yes, he's mexican, but he doesn't look mexican, he looks spanish. in the height of his murder spree, if you gave him a bath and long hair (good long hair not mid length feathered 80s hair) he'd be drop dead gorgeous. i never did figure out if he is actually a satanist or just a devil worshipper but either way it's better than many killers who whine about how they're sorry. recently i read an interview with him in which he was asked how he felt about the possibility of his execution, and he said: "It's all just bloodlust. The state laughs when they come to execute a man.. but then again, so do I." Drawing pentagrams on walls and making people swear on satan they'll never tell as he rapes them.. that's hot. Maybe i'm sick but it's so fucking hot.

others i like are the hillside stranglers, mostly because of a picture i once saw of one of their victims who had a broomstick shoved up her cunt. i don't actually know that much about them, though.

gacy was kinda cool, he kept his shit together for a long time but in the end he got sloppy.

but my all time favorite serial killer has to be ...
come on! duh! he ripped up whores and never got caught. fucking brilliant. my hero :)

winter said...

oh yeah... you should post that video of yourself where you were squatting in my backyard freaking out about the afterlife. no disrespect intended, i just don't understand why people want so much to believe in an afterlife. I mean i kind of do, because the romans stopped throwing retards to wolves and now there are "we're all equal" hippies and christians running around and you can't really go anywhere in life like you could a thousand years ago, and the human race has de-evolved to the point that there's religion and democracy and equality and the so-called "justice system" etc. And I could understand someone wishing that the world were a different place, where life isn't so watered down and wishy-washy and legally regulated and you can make a place for yourself in the world and the stupid people don't live long enough to breed. And might is right :)

and the end of that vid is fucking funny. nice timing!

Balberith said...

Haha, I tried to upload it but I can't figure out Youtube and photobucket rejects it because the file is to big.

Balberith said...

Yeah Ramirez isn't bad, I just have to reassure myself that he doesn't 'look' Mexican haha. I haven't heard of the hillside strangers, and that picture sounds fairly entertaining.

Gacy wasn't bad, but I was a little turned away because he was so arrogant. Some aspects of him I like, but personality wise he threw me off and I lost some interest... his acts were morbidly amusing though haha

Caunedhiel said...

Did you guys watch Night Stalker? Not the 80s version, the one from a few years ago. You'd love the guy, Winter. You know, I don't think there was any proof he was actually Satanic. I think he was off his rocker & thought he heard the devil. Maybe like Francis Dolarhyde & the Dragon? haha

beedubelhue said...

Gein,Fish,Gacy,Bundy,Ramirez,all classic serial killers.Check out Carl Panzram for yet another one of a kind personailty to add to your list.He was played by James Woods(!)in the movie depicting his life.

"Hurry it up you Hoosier bastard! I could hang a dozen men while you're screwing around." -Panzram's last words on the gallows

Balberith said...

Ooh I will have to see the movie! Definitely sounds like an interesting guy, thanks for the recommendation :)