Friday, January 16, 2009

Put't in mah mawth!

Yay, I went on a sugar craze this morning and finally did a recipe I had been wanting to for years considering it is almost useless to get in the states unless you want to pay extra for it being internationally stocked or get it from a fine candy store. I made honeycombs and did half of my amount dipped in milk chocolate -=angels singing in the background as they string their harps=-... but most importantly, I want to share the love and make sure everyone else makes them as well! Downside though is this candy should be consumed within about a 24hr period because it gathers moisture, which makes it very chewy and that uncomfortable stick to your teeth 'no no'. Usually this isn't a downside, but my love Raymond won't eat sweets anymore so any dessert I make is dependent on me to consume haha.

This recipe is fairly small, and you will notice that I have odd measurements so you can double the recipe for practical use or work with it as I did.

Dipped in chocolate (you can tell in the middle piece that the chocolate overheated, its okay.. I enjoyed it regardless haha)

Texture closeup

1/8 cup Honey
1/4 cup Light Corn Syrup
1 Cup White Sugar
1 1/2 teaspoon Baking Soda
1/8 cup water

First off is preparation, carefully line an 8x8 pan with aluminum foil and be sure to gently press all edges so that the appearance is fairly smooth(otherwise the candy will get between the cracks and become difficult to peel away). Next gently sift the baking soda into a small bowl and set it aside near the area you will be working in for convenience. If you have a candy thermometer, it can be very helpful though I was able to successfully make this treat without(though I will admit my first batch was a dud). Also keep in mind that this will generally triple in size once the baking soda is added, so use a pot a little larger then you would think, and it is very helpful if it has a long handle for the pouring stage as it will require you to work quickly with a boiling mixture that can cause severe burns if mishandled.

Over medium heat combine the honey, syrup, sugar, and water until the sugar has mostly dissolved. Do not stir vigorously as you want to avoid a lot of side splatter so that the sugar does not crystallize along the edges. At this point, stop stirring the mixture and allow in to gradually boil until softly past a light amber stage. If you have a Thermometer I believe this should be just before 300d. Remove from heat and pour in the baking soda and rock the pot to help incorporate the soda, or you can use a wooden spoon if preferred. Only stroke this several times and then immediately pour into your lined pan and allow to cool.

Once this has cooled you can lift the foil with candy from the dish and slowly peel the foil off to discard. For controlling reasons because this will crumble when divided, take a long piece of plastic wrap and loosely fold it over the honeycomb so that you can gently break pieces with the force of your palm, or with a quick palm strike with a knife to get about 1-2" amounts.

At this point you can enjoy the honeycomb, or dip it into your choice of chocolate for decadence. Remember that if you do enjoy chocolate(which I HIGHLY suggest!) that you can dump any left over crumbs into your remaining chocolate and they are also spectacular with no waste!


Chaosophia said...

leave it to you to blog about candy.

manuel said that the first thing you said when he walked into your house (instead of, you know, "hey" or "did you guys have fun?") was


Caunedhiel said...

Damn, this looks GOOD! It sounds very difficult to make, though. I'd probably have to read through the recipse three times to make sure I'd get it right. I'll admit, I've trahsed several bacthes of baked goods in the past. You know those holiday wreath marshmallow snacks? I made THREE batches one year & have yet to have them turn out right. And I can bake pretty well... I suppose I'd have to get it out of a cookbook opposed to online.

PS- I am surprised you don't own a candy themometor! haha

Balberith said...

Thanks Kimberly :) I have a thermometer but it gets used for my candle making, and I don't want to dig it out and clean it for my candy haha. If I can think of a clever way to mail these, and fast, then I will be sending you some. Only thing I worry about is after a few days they can draw in moisture and stick to your teeth. We will have to try anyways though :)

Damnit Winter! Manuel is such a dick! I told him I made fresh honeycomb candy and all he did was look at it and not even try one. I admit that I didn't like the buckeyes I made, but these were amazing. These things were amazing I tell you! My mother has a sweet tooth like myself and she ate almost all of the chocolate covered ones and is demanding the recipe haha

Balberith said...

Oh yeah, and they are a lot easier then they sound. I am thinking about making another little batch and when I do I will take some step by step pictures or try and do video clips to help with the guide.

Caunedhiel said...

With my experience, baking is a lot less intimidating than others think. It just takes a lot of practice. I can't believe the men aren't eating the candy! At least their not making fun of you & THEN eating it. That pisses me off. "Oh, someone like you bakes?! haha!" Jerks. Eeeeek... I would LOVE to try this! Maybe you'll be opening your own internet store in the long run. :)

beedubelhue said...

I need somebody to come whip some of these goodies up for me!Dammit!

Balberith said...

They were AMAZING! Get yourself a good lady and I will send her the recipe haha