Saturday, February 14, 2009

Brass Hearses

Tales From the Crypt presents ‘People Who Live in Brass Hearses

Story of misfit brothers Billy and Virgil. Billy was recently in prison for the past year on accusations that he stole money from the Ice Cream warehouse that he worked at, and now that he is out he is convincing his brother Virgil that they need to get back at the company and rip off the department. After making relatively solid plans, they start on their mission the following day, but it starts bad and ends worse.

First off, let me point out that this features an actor that always put a smile on my face. In a good creepy way he is attractive, and he usually plays odd fucked up parts… Two words… Brad Dourif. This episode was impressive for being a short made for TV, and is actually now a favorite of mine from the series. The plot was pretty good, acting was OBVIOUSLY good, and the gore was exceptional! If you haven't seen this, do so immediately!


beedubelhue said...

I'm pretty sure I messed out on the whole of this series somehow.I'll have to start viddying once I'm done with Galactica,haha!

Balberith said...

Psh, stop watching your nerd stuff and update your horror :)