Friday, February 13, 2009

"You Have No Heart..."

I spent last night writing out updates for my blog since I have been horribly behind. This fortunately meant smoking my Luxury Light Capri's and having a glass of Pinot Noir while sorting and watching a selection of horror. Haha, I felt like a catty snob from Dynasty. Perfect night if you ask me..

I have been reviewing a few of the Tales From the Crypt VHS's I recently scored at a local thrift store. This episode Seance is of a con artist couple, Alison and Benny, as they chase a widows fortune by playing her spiritual adviser, hoping to mimic her late husband and convince her to give them her money. While trying to act out the seance, things go horribly wrong...

Decent and had a nice turn for the worse, but rather cheesy and overplayed with the one liner ending. Gore was a bit amateur, but still good, especially since this was aired as late night tv. I honestly wouldn't pay for this episode alone, but thankfully the trio it is included on is well worth a few bucks to have in a collection.

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Balberith said...

LOL! I think I remember this! I remember one about a woman who is hundreds of years old. She kills the new husband on their wedding night every few centuries. I also remember the one where they make soap out of humans.

Yeah I have always loved how morbid the series was, I grew up with this kind of stuff because as a child my mom was really into horror movies, so there was always a good amount at my disposal.

I have a lot more reviews to come, I am just trying to space things out so I don't fall horribly behind again haha