Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Give me some sugar, baby

I originally heard about My Name is Bruce some time ago as a friend of mine told me it was having a limited local preview. After picking through more information, we found out to our excitement that it was being introduced my Bruce Campbell himself, but it was happening over the coming weekend... In case you haven't picked up yet, that means that if you didn't have a ticket already then you are out of luck because it was obviously sold out. I don't think I am exaggerating when I say that there is a ridiculous amount of Bruce fans here in Portland, let alone the Northwest area.

Flash forward to now. Netflix finally mailed me the movie. I was so excited I am surprised I didn't chew on the Blu-Ray disc. After about 10 minutes into the movie, I felt my stomach knot... After all this anticipation, Bruce threw out a cheesy tongue and cheek. Obviously within his style, but he could have done a LOT better than a few low laughs. Do I still respect my sugar? You bet your ass! But I won't be running out to get this movie, but I am sure there is a line of his fans that will so I am sure he will make a few off of it.

For those of you that are not aware..
Story is of a young man named Jeff that accidentally releases the Asian spirit Guan-Di when having a get together with his friends at the towns old mining cemetery. This vengeful spirit kills his friends within minutes, and begins to terrorize the town. Surviving the incident, Jeff turns to his idolized hero Bruce Campbell to save the town. Little does this kid understand, Bruce is not a gun wielding Ash like portrayed in the movies, so everyone is in for a rough battle against Guan-Di.

Lets go over my traditional now. I won't be buying this, and this movie seems to be either hot or cold with people... so it is a partial recommendation, atleast that is the best way I could recommend it. If this is a quick Netflix rental, or a friend of yours grabbed a copy from a local video shop, give it your time and see what you think. Some people really like it, as this was an added recommendation from a friend of Rays.. but then again my friend Shanda who usually has some questionable taste was on my side that it wasn't worth the wait. So don't buy into a side and just see for yourself. But as for my side, I also want to point out that the gore was also a let down. There was really no selection for morbid taste, mainly the same 'off with his head' shots and that was it for the movie... and that is it for my review


beedubelhue said...

For fanboys of "The Chin" only,eh?

Balberith said...

Pretty much... I wasn't even going in with high expectations and was let down... Ted Raimi tries to hard to be funny, and the only gem in the film is obviously Bruce's charm.

Caunedhiel said...

Yeah, this was awful. I had high expectations because I love Bruce. The plot was bad, the "demon" was bad, everything was bad. There are a few mildly funny one-liners & that is it. Worth a watch.

beedubelhue said...

That's too bad,I uually jump on anything Bruce is in,he's always been a two thumbs up guy in my book.

Balberith said...

Well totally give it a try, but only if it is convenient.. so if you hate it you can't bitch at me haha