Saturday, January 3, 2009



winter thornheart said...

hmm, this might not be too bad if the following were changed:

1. he was at least 20 years YOUNGER!!! HELLO!
2. lose all the frontal hair... well not all. lol.
3. he appears to sort of have a ponytail but for some reason it's over on the far side almost out of sight. dumbass photographer! doesn't he know hair makes or breaks the dude?!

..also, i know his face is not actually this way but because of the light he looks like he has a lazy eye!

Balberith said...

You bitch! I will never change my taste in men, but regardless you always make me laugh at myself when you point out weird little shit.. Except the eye tumor thing, smack a bitch for that haha.

I actually found a picture of Tom with pretty damn long hair, but both pictures I found he is wearing a HORRIFYING shirt(even on different occasions).. so fucking ridiculous I don't even want to show you because I know you would go off on another Savini rampage rather than agree how charming he is

Balberith said...

Okay, I photo shopped his shirt to the best of my ability... he was wearing a baby blue polka dot oversize button up... just absolutely fucking ridiculous, but at least now it is between navy and black haha.

Tom Savini w/ Long Hair

i only screw people in my own generation said...

ok.. victoria.. first of all.. the fact that he was even wearing a baby blue polka dotted shirt should be a turn off in and of itself. but anyway..

i think facially he actually looks better in the first pic you posted, because in this one his skin looks even darker than usual. he could be mexican actually. don't hit me.

i can't figure out why he is always making the same face in photos.. it's like he scrunches down his forehead as if he's scowling but then opens his eyes really wide as if he's trying to look like a serial killer or something but it just comes out looking like the count from sesame street.

how dare you order me to admit his charm!!! the ONE time i said something positive about him (that he had a nice voice) you got all possessive and jealous, in face i think you threatened to piss in my mouth and told me to stay away from your man!

Balberith said...

Hahahahahaha! I forget about the weird things I say. Yeah I did get pretty crazy on you, but in my defense you hit me out of nowhere when we were watching Bundy!

Yes, he is abnormally dark in that picture and it bothers me too... but he is NOT a fucking no-neck so don't even go that far. But other than a bad tan and clothing, just look at the fact that it is Tom Savini with long hair

Caunedhiel said...

I just went through the comments on this & I must say you two fight like no other on this man. hahah! Count from Sesame Street... Winter that is pure gold.